DoCSoc Webmaster



Hey, my name is George Soteriou. I am running for the Webmaster position of DoCSoc again this year. I have experience in this position, as I have demonstrated over the past year and I know I can help DoCSoc be the society we all love.

Last year I introduced the DoCSoc Portal to the society, and it was a huge success. If elected, I will make sure sponsors are even more active on the platform, by implementing ideas I have discussed with both our sponsors and members over the year. This will make the portal the best place for DoCSoc members to begin looking for an internship or a job.

I have also spent a lot of time working on upgrading tools and services the committee uses, in order to make their job easier. Finally, I have many new projects I am currently working on, that will benefit all DoCSoc members.

I know I am an important part of the team, and I would like to continue to be over the next year too!

Vote George for Webmaster!